Our purpose is to educate, empower and transform you to become the kind of inner-directed person who can take control and be in charge of your own life, be a leader in your organization and achieve the most desired dreams, goals and then you goes on to create positive change in your and others life.

Everything we provide is designed to accelerate your ability to live a rich, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


Abdul Mujeeb is one of the finest NLP and corporate trainer, been trained and mentored with the top leaders of the world in the industry. His approach is strongly influenced by Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. John Grinder, Dr. Tad James, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. He is been trained and worked with some of these renowned personalities and had wonderful opportunity to travel the World in the pursuit of mastery.

Before moving into Personal Development Industry and becoming Trainer, he spend 20 years in Australia, studied two Masters Degrees (MBA and MS) and worked in varied industries with people from around the world, acquired wealth of knowledge and experience, has made him the person to be in a position to train, transform and bring long lasting change in others.

Mr. Mujeeb is passionate and compassionate trainer to empower you to produce the positive outcomes and develop innovative thinking; it’s his passion to serve and help others that he let go his professional career.

Mr Mujeeb brings a wealth of Personal Development and Professional experience to each program, making his training program an engaging, fun and learning.

Mohammed Salman Ali, is trained and Certified NLP Practitioner and Masters Practitioner from our Academy and looking at his skills, talent and his interest to become a trainer we took him on board to be one of our trainer, before moving into personal development industry, he worked in Saudi Arabia as IT Manager, attended many training and realize a big gap in Corporate World for Training and Development and decided to step into corporate training.

Strong Points About Our Trainers

  • Trained and mentored by top NLP leaders.
  • His approach is influenced by people like Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. John Grinder, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki etc.
  • He is very passionate about helping people achieve positive results in their lives
  • He makes sure the training programs are engaging, fun & lively so that learning becomes enjoyable.


At Masters Excellence Academy you will receive personalized attention designed to address your specific goals, enhance your personal ability and provide the necessary skills for interpersonal excellence. When you graduate from us, not only will you get the highest quality training, but you will be participating in a dynamic community of individuals committed to making a difference in the world.

Our mission is to teach you how to heal the past, shape the future and live fully in present. All of our training programs and consulting services are designed for both Individual seeking self-development and corporates seeking professional enhancement training.


Through our unique, dynamic and innovative techniques that focus on fast, effective results, we’ll help you put an end to any lingering painful emotions from past traumas, guilt or other emotionally crippling sensation that’s keeping you stuck so that you can be the best version you.

  • Highly practical and interactive training.
  • Flexible approach
  • Plenty of personal attention and individual feedback
  • Focus on maximising the overall impact of the individual
  • Designed to be highly enjoyable as well as a very valuable learning experience.

In Other Words, We’re Different!

Come and attend our free one day workshop, you will see, hear, and feel what makes us different..