In today’s competitive business arena, both large and small businesses are seeking out NLP, because they recognise that the content offers a set of powerful tools to ensure people within any organisation at any level are performing at their very best.

NLP has come a long way since its inception in the 1970s. In the 40 years since, businesses have learned how to tweak certain aspects of NLP to generate more sales and profits, keep customers happy, and communicate more effectively because NLP helps you greater insight into how other people think and operate.

NLP can be used to improve your business, whether you are looking to boost morale in the work place or increase productivity, you will find that applying NLP techniques will benefit you greatly. NLP can be utilised in all areas of business including staff training, team building exercises and project management.

NLP is now main stream as a soft skill set to facilitate effective communication, focused results, enhance performance and build relationships.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used in virtually every aspect of your Business.

  • It is beneficial to use when interviewing and appraisals and making sure you employ the right staff for your business
  • Gaining awareness of NLP techniques helps reduce stress and creates a climate of confidence with you and your workforce.
  • Improve sales and relationships with your customers
  • Enhances your customer care and understanding of your customer’s needs
  • Increase profitability
  • Sets clear and compelling outcomes
  • Sets clearly defined strategies
  • Unlock the potential of your team
  • Creates effective communication across the whole of your business
  • Improves the effectiveness of individual and team performance
  • Improves interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding and reduction of stress and conflict.
  • Align your values around money, career, health, relationships and family for greater success.
  • Gain a competitive edge over people who haven’t yet learned NLPand much, much more.

Business that use NLP in their businesses report that as managers and leaders they are now better coaches, motivators and influencers. Their organisations benefit from improved, communication, improved performance, more successful conflict resolution and more productive. Additionally, NLP techniques enhance negotiation and selling skills.

Return on Investment: NLP in Business

Many organizations in the United States and around the world have used the technology of NLP to assist them to achieve their corporate objectives. Those projects range from coaching individual executives for improved performance and communication to customer service initiatives involving every employee in the company. NLP is useful in any situation in which two or more people must communicate in order to produce results.

Here are some examples of projects in which NLP has been used:

Diners Club trained every manager and representative in the customer service area in NLP skills for handling customer and internal communication. The net result was a 254% increase in customer spending, and a 67% reduction in customer loss. The Customer Service Department, previously a cost centre, became a revenue-producing part of the organization

BMW in England modeled the communication patterns of the top 1% in sales. After determining the successful behaviours of these salespeople, the skills were taught to every salesperson in the organization. Sales of a newly-introduced model greatly exceeded projections.

American Express trained twenty-four line managers from all over Asia to become transformational trainers. With no previous training experience, these employees became the heart of “American Express Quality Leadership”, an area-wide initiative to encourage every employee to take personal responsibility for quality in customer service.

Fiat modeled the leadership skills of their finest formal and informal leaders. Subsequent management training focused on the skills uncovered in the modelling process.

An individual employee with NLP skills is empowered in the performance of his/her duties in many ways. The ability to read and comprehend others’ mental maps is the basis of effective interaction. NLP has been used to assist business professionals in the following ways, among others:

Optimise Your Business by NLP in Business is 5 days training program aimed at people who want to implement their NLP skills in the field of business and professional development and is  designed to be adapted to suit the needs of your business, concentrates on NLP tools and techniques specially relevant to your business environment.

Who should attain:

  • Directors and Executives
  • Managers at all levels
  • Sales people
  • Administrators
  • Engineering and Technical Staff
  • Customer Care
  • Receptionists
  • Secretarial Staff
  • Trainers
  • HR and Counseling staff.

It’s not limited to the above professions, NLP is such a wonderful study to put in practice that will bring out the inner potential of any professional who deal with people in their day to day work.