Public speaking ranks as one of the biggest fears when the general public is polled on the matter. There are those out there who actually fear public speaking more than death.

The fear of public speaking is very real. However, there are techniques to help you overcome your fears and be in control when you are in front of your audience. There are even ways to help harness your energy in a positive way.

In today’s tough economy employers expect their employees to be effective speakers/ Presenter. Entrepreneurs often experience fear before public speaking engagements. Their opportunity to convince clientele and investors of their products’ worthiness hangs in the balance and this can cause a speaker to become tongue tied and sweaty. But when you are trained with us you will overcome the crippling fear that keeps so many of you from delivering your message.


Effective public speakers are not born they are trained

Imagine having the confidence of knowing that you are going to deliver a fantastic speech, every time you have to stand up and present. Your confidence will come from something real: you will have highly specific skills and habits that will enable you to look confident and poised in every presentation. You will be understood. Your audience members will remember your key points. And that will enable your audience to take the actions you want. After taking this course, your biggest fear in life will be going a day without giving a presentation or speech.

Speak like Pro Public Speaking Program is the easiest way to eliminate public speaking fear and become a more persuasive speaker. The step-by-step process can eliminate presentation nervousness. Want to get rid of those butterflies in your stomach, reduce the shaky hands, calm that racing heart, or just think more clearly, then this course is for you!

Our Trainer will provide extensive personalized coaching and empower you to look, sound and feel dynamic in front of any audience whether you’re presenting in front of small or a large audience.   This course puts attention on the core skills of public speaking, such as your state, how you use your voice and physiology to convey the messages and make close connections with your audience.


What will you learn :

  • Overcome your public speaking fear and anxiety
  • You can relax quickly and deeply at will
  • The fear of having to present no longer holds you back
  • You feel comfortable and confident in front of an audience
  • You enjoy sharing your ideas with the world
  • An upcoming presentation no longer takes over your whole emotional life
  • You speak clearly and coherently, confidently and comfortably
  • You no longer feel pressure to be perfect
  • You no longer feel so self conscious
  • You begin to build a good reputation
  • Others respond more positively when you speak to them

Who should attend?

  • Business Leaders/Executives
  • Management Professionals
  • Political visionary
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Students
  • YOU & Anyone with little or no public speaking experience and who understand that public speaking skills are a key ingredient of success